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Open air preaching and introduction of the Program to new groups is going on. One team is conducting an open air program each week. Another church group is starting to preach twice a month. A worker and his family have moved to a new area, providing new places and opportunities for preaching and introducing the SOWERS program to the surrounding churches. Some Level 1 and Level 2 training is being planned. A worker in another State is faithfully conducting open air programs and making follow up visits.


A newly appointed Level 5 Sower in Manipur, India said: "I  want to say a big thanks to you for bringing me up to the highest level of Sowers. I am proud of it, and will utilize the privilege I have to train and help others in India who are willing to use the opportunity of  reaching  so many others with the marvelous gospel. 'Til today there are so many states in India open to preach the gospel. We need to take this great opportunity.The days are BECOMING BAD, we have to take the good time today."

In this country we have good opportunity to share the gospel like in New Testament times when they were preaching the gospel daily. Here in our country we people are still having the time to share with us.

I wish to do this in my local area and other parts of India by giving training to those groups which is most needed. Here people are hearing the gospel as never before with the SOWERS Program. Sure there is growth and planting of new churches as the SOWERS Program is introduced to churches. Thank you for praying and supporting in the work of the gospel.

Pray that I may speak boldly this word of light and live even the mystery of the gospel hidden from the generations but revealed to us in Jesus Christ our Lord (Col 1:24-25).

(Name withheld for security reasons).

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