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A village headman by the name M- was a Nyau Dancer but through one of our meetings he came to the Lord and has been baptized, His sister was also a Counselor at Nyau but she has followed him and both of them are active church members.

We prayed for a woman as we are talking she is healed from this sickness

We prayed for a Church Elder who has been in the Church for more than 20 years but without Jesus until when he confessed his sins and received Jesus to be his savior. Now he can testify.


Most of the pregnant women who over stayed at the clinic waiting for their delivery time delivered soon after receiving prayers at our open air which was at N- clinic ground.

It was so amazing when we saw two prostitutes giving their lives to Jesus at the open air we had at Kaka Motel ground.


A Muslim family in the eastern region of Malawi accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour at Sowers open air meeting. They have since joined a Presbyterian church. (Godfrey)

Mateyo works in a sensitive area so names and locations are withheld. He reports that:

  • Many people in our area are coming to Christ including chiefs, witch doctors and prostitutes.
  • Two Baptist churches have been planted at [place 1] and [place 2], as well as at [place 3] for Holy Christian Church.
  • Almost 30 people joined churches including Group Village Headmen [name 1] and [name 2].

One of the people I chatted with thanked Jesus for saving him because of how his life has changed after receiving Jesus. He said he had been divorcing and remarrying and he had married 7 women before. He had been drinking beer so much he was about to be killed by 4 people who plotted evil for him when he was coming from beer drinking and he even killed a person who was being suspected to be a thief. He said he sees his life as new as Jesus said ‘’every one who is in Christ is a new creature’’ he is now with his first wife and is committed to Jesus. (Amos)

Alfred writes, "Two people have come to Christ at an open air meeting I conducted at Mmenyeni, they were drunkard and cheating their wives but now they have joined Zambezi Evangelical Church."


Richard writes, "Many people are testifying that Sowers open air meetings are saving a lot of lives which were expected to perish."


Raphael writes, "A certain man who had not known the church door since he was born received Jesus Christ at the open air meeting we had. After some days he fell sick and invited me to pray for him. After four days he died and I was invited to preach at his funeral. He is now with the Lord. I praise the Lord that he died a saved man."

Mateyu writes, "At an open air meeting held on 21st March 2015 Mr M Matulino, who has been divorcing and remarrying for so long, has received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and has joined Baptist Church."


Patrick K writes, "At Pulika open air one Muslim received Jesus to be his Lord and Saviour and has joined Life of Jesus Church."


Oswald writes, "Introduced Sowers at pastors fraternal in Salima, pastors welcomed the development and asked that one person from Sowers office come and speak to the pastors, so please plan that one should come."

Emme M writes, "I reconciled two girls who have been enemies for more than a year without speaking to each other but they were once friends. A drunkard person accepted Jesus Christ at the open air meeting. A lot of people are joining churches due to SOWERS' ministry, 3 families, 4 unbelievers and 2 Muslims have joined Malawi Assemblies of God church because of Sowers ministry."


Emme also writes, "I went to an open air with my family, my husband helped to erect the sketch board, my children did the noise to attract people and I preached. Two families received Jesus, one family a Muslim family."


"We had an open air meeting and the results were: (i) 80 (ii) 0 (iii) 50. We visited 15 new believers. One Muslim who converted to Christianity was trained in Level 1 and is waiting to be trained in Level 2."


Emme writes again, "I mobilized 7 people to be trained in level 1, we went to the open air and the results were as follow: (i) 70 (ii) 0 (iii) 20. Those who received Jesus began to tell others the message we shared to them right away there. I also visited 10 new believers. I conducted level1 training and 6 people were trained and 8 people are committed to be trained in level 2. The open air we held the results were as follow: (i) 43 (ii) 0 (iii) 13."

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