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At a Level 1 Seminar at M- Baptist church Mr A was touched with the message ‘’Being used by God’’. He said that though he has been serving the Lord he was not being used by God because he was a sinner. Pastor C helped him.


Mozambique village 1After the war ended, I returned to my home in Mozambique, but I had to wait six years before I discovered that SOWERS materials had been translated into our national language, Chichewa. I was so excited that I cycled for two days to be trained with these materials.

I immediately started training others and holding open air meetings. I was so thrilled as I watched both church leaders and ordinary people come to know our Lord.

Mozambique village 2Recently my brother-in-law Manuel held an open air meeting at a village six hours cycle away. At the end of the meeting the chief was one of 15 people who accepted the Lord, and a month later he wrote and asked me to send another team of Sowers to his village so that more people could hear the gospel.

Many new believers have been coming to me and saying that the message we preach is the real gospel. Other people preach about their own churches, not Christ, but SOWERS preaches Christ and I see people coming to the Lord almost each time I go to an open air meeting.  Joao M


Nhamatanda MozambiquePastor P in Mozambique wrote that: "I sent a team to one of the rural areas named Nhamatanda to do an open air and I  followed them two days later. When I arrived there I found that they had  evangelized a chief of this village who is very happy and asked them to conduct an open air meeting at his home so that the surrounding homes would know  Christ. We went there and nine individuals got saved. We stayed for a further  seven days evangelizing new areas and discipling these new  converts.

During our  time of stay there five new Level 1s were trained and 23 individuals got saved.  We managed to do five lessons on assurance of salvation with the early group and  three with the middle and one with the latest. We plan to go there again to follow them up.

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