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A Nepali pastor attending an international evangelism conference saw a presentation about the SOWERS Program. He was so impressed by its effectiveness he invited SOWERS INTERNATIONAL to come to Nepal and train him and his church.

Though the work is still in its infancy in Nepal, more and more are inviting SOWERS to come and train them in this particularly effective method of open air evangelism.

Please pray for Nabin and some others as they visit the Himalayan towns of Jumla and Humla. They will go by bus to Jumla - 2 days I think - then they have to walk for 7 days to Humla - the only way to get there!! Nabin says there are no churches in these places so the purpose of his visits is to look at possibilities for evangelism and church-planting. He says that these people speak a different dialect but he can understand and speak it a little. What a vision he has! What a wonderful pioneering spirit he has! Nabin said he may return by plane from Jumla. Please pray for their safety and strategies for evangelising these people will be worked out and implemented.

Last month we gave training to youth with the mission team from Level 1 and Level 2. This group are in outreach in village and city for two months. They are doing evangelism in school, bazaar, village area. So far they done 24 open air meeting and 1200 people have heard the gospel. Fifteen people accepted Christ, so praise the Lord and continue to pray for them please. There are still 2 more weeks of their program.


During Christmas 2013, 17 people were baptized even though the weather was very cold. A fun and blessed Christmas celebration was conducted and the Good News was preached in different places and in remote villages too. Five people accepted Christ during the sharing time. They are so eager to learn about God. Praise the Lord!

The chicken farm (Project 53) is making progress. The old chicken house has been dismantled to make room for the new one which is now being constructed. Stones for the foundation along with bricks and sand have been supplied to the site. They are hoping to complete the building by the end of February 2013.

Sowers planting in Nepal

For our gospel campaign we went to the top of hill with our national flag. Our team prayed there for Nepal's Ministry that we are doing through SOWERS.

A couple of days later we went to the field where farmers were working and worked with them as a social work by our team (team members in blue). And at last we shared the love of God for the people and world.


Because of your prayer we won 26 people - those who [had] never heard about Jesus ... attended our Youth Seminar in July. And 9 people baptized, 60 Nepalese Bibles, 5 five English Bibles distributed in that Youth Seminar.

On 11th of July two couples husband and wife are accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord. Please pray for their daily life to grow in the Lord.

We thanked God because our Team is doing open-air preaching with strong testimony & sharing courageous Word of God. We are grateful to you for your fervent prayer. Please pray for our open-air preaching. (Names withheld for security reasons.)

SOWERS Level 1 and 2 seminars are being arranged with a Bible College in Kathmandu. Some funds will be needed to run these seminars.

A new church, started as a result of SOWERS meetings, is continuing by God's grace. There are 15 children and 20 youth as well as adult male and female members. Each week two kinds of fellowships operate - one is a house fellowship and the other is a Saturday service. They are facing a problem about a place to meet. Currently they are using a room in the house of a member but it is so small.

A Sower said that his motorbike is not working well and is giving trouble. He is praying for a new bike. (Names withheld for security reasons.)

Brother J. has expressed his gratitude to God for our prayers and the training they received last year. He reported that  more than 250 people gathered for a meeting  in a bazaar in April 2011 when 12 people accepted Christ as their Saviour and Lord. They distributed nearly 300 hundred tracts that day. Praise the Lord. (Names withheld for security reasons)

Pastor N. reported that he and another pastor had arranged a seminar in another district. After this seminar he visited a 'granddaughter church' that has been planted as a result of SOWERS ministry to give baptism and communion fellowship.  He spoke of conducting a small program with only 13 people present, but two men accepted Christ.

Another new fellowship has begun as a result of SOWERS outreaches. The believers are meeting together with the help of some of our church leaders. One lady is taking leadership training in a Bible school now. Pastor N. said: "Oh! The harvest is plentiful, but workers are few. It is so challenging to us leaders to care for them."

A SOWERS product church group in another place has around 30 people. They are starting to erect a church building and hope to build the foundation and walls soon, but are praying for a partner to provide for the roof. This group and another church will try to raise 100,000 rupees for this project.  Generally metal roofing costs around 40,000 rupees. They ask for prayer and financial help.  (Name withheld for security reasons.)

Warmest Jaymasihi from Kathmandu Valley.

First of all thank you so much for your loving email that indeed encouraged me to go further for God's ministry. Thank you so much for your kind words towards me about involving in SOWERS ministry. I love the SOWERS method and would like to introduce it among Nepali Churches and wish that all Churches use this method to win souls.Open air outreach in Nepal

I would love to involve SOWERS method in our Bible School's schedule. Now there are 18 leaders and pastors from various districts. Some are even from India (Bangalore).

I would love to organize a SOWERS course here in local Churches also. You just kindly suggest me how may I go further. At the same time I will contact with Pastor N too.

Finally, may God use us for his glory and let's do something new here in Nepal through SOWERS ministry. I would love to receive SOWERS news bulletin regularly if it is possible. Thank you so much.

J (Name withheld for security reasons.)

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