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The Sowers team was holding its regular open air preaching in C---- and the mission was to preach the Gospel of Christ to people who have no knowledge of Him. During the evangelizing process they met six sex workers and the word was preached to them. They repented and received Christ as their personal savior.

This led the newly born again sex workers to start preaching to other friends about what had happened to them to follow Christ. Before then, they never knew how to pray but now they are able to pray and have faith that God can do greater things.

The six converted Christians have joined the church and they are serving the Lord whole heartedly. Indeed we serve the living God who is able to do marvelous works. Nothing is impossible with him.


We have started the SOWERS Program in collection centre ( Prisons) not only to preach there but also we are in discussions to train them how they can also can start reaching to their fellow prisoners in the prison and even when they are out of prison can reach the people they will find at home.


One school boy was initiated into Satanism by the school headmistress. He went through many evil things and difficult times. Things turned got worse.  Whenever this boy wanted to go to church he always felt sick – headaches were the problem. Until one day when Sowers went to his village for an open air meeting. This boy attended the open air meeting. After the meeting he brought his burden to some Sowers who assisted him and he was delivered immediately.


A 25 years old girl called NellyTradition Helar was living in a terrible situation. When she grew up she was always with her grandmother and practiced all sorts of bad things that led her even to become a traditional healer.  Many people went to her to look for help. One day she was called by the Chief to stop her practice but she could not. She said, "I was taught by my late grandmother. I worked with her and continued doing what she was doing."

During my visit, I met Nelly and led her to the Lord using a counselling booklet.  Now she is helping many people and preaching the word of God to them. She is willing to do Level 1 training.  Praise the Lord for her soul and for the fact all demons she had had left her.


Nineteen Sowers from different teams in the Eastern Province of Zambia conducted open air meetings over two days in four villages. 580 people heard the Gospel and 220 were counselled. The Sowers then spent five days following up the new Christians.

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