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Artist self-portrait
Artist self-portrait

A certain man in Epworth gave his life to Christ at the market place, known as Corner Store. He said his life was in disarray and was being destroyed by Satan. He had been through a terrible devastating divorce.  His promiscuous wife had abandoned him and left him with permanent scars which he thought might never heal. After listening to the message at the open air meeting he said, I can see the light, I hope God will transform and restore my life. Mr M said he is good artist and what drove him to the open air meeting was that he saw someone painting.

When he said that he was an artist I did not believe him with the way he looked. After the open air meeting he insisted that we visit since now he is a brother. When we see one of his portraits we get the shock of our life Mr M is a great artist. We were all convinced that indeed the enemy comes only steal, kill and destroy but Christ came that we receive life, life in abundance. What touched me most he does not have a cell phone.

There was a drunkard named Frances who stunned us by refusing to do the sinner’s prayer. He said, “I am only a prodigal son, I know my father and he knows me, I do not need to be introduced to him or invite him into my heart. I will simply go back to him.” The drunkard revealed that he was once a pastor for many years but he was discouraged along the way and he threw in the towel. He confessed that he lacked encouragement. Later Frances decided to rededicate his life back to God and he attended the evening service.

After I preached the open air message in Chitungwiza a certain man by the name Luke came to me and said "Pastor everything you preached, you were just talking about me, I am the one in the pictures. I am stuck and confused. My future is blank. I was thinking of committing suicide. At least for now God gave me hope."

The young man was experiencing serious marital problems. I was preaching the message dream of a sinner. Personally the message has proved beyond any shade of doubt that it has impact upon hearers.


SOWERS taught me how to handle new believers, to keep the harvest, the importance of praying for them. Praying for the lost is now my priority.

Mrs G

Though I was a Pastor, SOWERS challenged me to preach before drunkards at Zengeza 4 Shopping Centre under the watchful eye of the Mr S. I was so scared because I was used to preaching in church to sober people, not in the open air to drunkards. But I had the shock of my life as I invited people to come to Christ; I saw a drunkard putting away his brown bottle of beer and vowed never to drink again. After the meeting the drunkard come to me and thanked me. I was greatly encouraged. From that day till today my life has never been the same as far as soul winning is concerned.

Pastor E G

SOWERS helped me to understand the gospel, I have been to church for some time but I did not really understand much about sin, its effects, until I did a SOWERS level 1. It dawned on me; how I was separated from God was illustrated in the counselling booklet. SOWERS also gave me confidence to preach to others. I can proudly say I am a product of SOWERS.

Pastor Isaac C

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