Ministry Projects

Multinational projects are in this section. Most projects are within a country and listed in the Countries menu.


Project 48 - 2012 Uganda/Kenya airfares

Ugandan churches continue to pursue SOWERS' training. 2012 is the third year of annual training visits by our Regional Director for Central Africa. Kenyan churches have joined in, praise God.

This request is for funding of the 2012 airfares to Uganda and Kenya. USD2545. Donate online


Project 36 - Chichewa Level 2 Reprint

Chichewa is spoken widely in Malawi and less so in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It is used for training and open air outreach in all 3 countries. The stock of manuals for training Level 2 Sowers is almost exhausted.

USD 2070 for 3000 copies. Update - only USD1000 to go. Can you help?  Donate online


Project 49 COMPLETED - 2012 Uganda/Kenya training visit

THANK YOU for your partnership

When SOWERS' Regional Director gets to Uganda this year funds are needed to continue the development of SOWERS Trainers at Level 3 and Level 4. He will also work with the small Committee to do further work on Registering SOWERS in Uganda.

He will also spend time in Kenya at the end of his trip to Uganda to follow up on what was done in 2011. USD2400.  Donate online


Project 24 COMPLETED - Central Africa Development

God blessed your gifts with significant strengthening of the work. Thank you.

This project has two aims. The SOWERS' President (Ghanaian) has an unmatched ability to encourage and challenge our African Boards and staff. Our Partnership Coordinator also needs to visit the region with similar purpose directed specifically at partnership issues and international coordination. The plan is for them to travel together to reduce costs and have maximum impact. There is also a need for some specific training and coordination in DR Congo that they are uniquely equipped to accomplish. USD13,800 being mostly airfares.


Project 22 COMPLETED - Hong Kong / China

Thanks for your prayer and other support. Enthusiasm found. Pray with us.

China. The very name invokes a range of reactions. For many it is the manufacturing powerhouse of the world economy. A few might think of Hudson Taylor and his pioneering mission work. What does it mean to SOWERS? We don't know, yet. We used to have a work in Hong Kong, but the work was suspended when staff left.

Now we want to rekindle the work in Hong Kong and explore the possibilities for the mainland. This visit is exploratory with the aim of discerning the challenges and opportunites and to try and make suitable contacts. The cost is mainly airfares, and totals USD5925.