Completed Projects

Thank you. Funding pledged from Australia.

Donate online USD215


Thank you. Funding pledged from Australia.

Donate online USD305


Completed - Thanks for the thoughtful donation.

To replace the present laptop computer which has done many years of service and now needs replacing as it can no longer be fixed.

Donate online USD750



Thank you to the caring church that met this need. Amos is missing seven teeth and also requires some fillings. This project will cover the cost of getting false teeth to replace those that are missing and get the holes in his teeth filled.

Donate online USD395



Thanks to our thoughtful donor - project complete. This will provide the Sower and his family with an income stream and the possibility of becoming self supporting.

Donate online USD440



Thank you for your generosity in supporting Kwesi and family. He reports great improvement.

Recently Kwesi, who has been involved with SOWERS for almost 40 years, was diagnosed with cancer. This project is to cover the cost of all of the associated Doctors/Specialists visits, scans etc and medication.

Donate online USD8705


To supply twelve (12) bicycles for SOWERS Trainers in the Luapula Province of Zambia. This project will provide reliable transport for Level 3 Sowers to go long distances to teach Seminars and encourage teams.

Donate online USD1645


Thank you for for this key training tool.

This project ensures that the main Level Two Manual is available for our Seminars.

Can you help this dedicated and hard working team? Donate online USD1315


This project covers visas, accommodation and transport for a 4 week visit to Uganda and Kenya. It will enable us to meet, encourage and assist National Steering Commitees and Senior Sowers.
In Uganda we will be travelling with Deo and Richard and will be visiting 3 districts where SOWERS is working and will also spend time at the SOWERS Office in Buhimba working with the National Committee and Senior Sowers.
In Kenya, Emmanuel has organised a programme based in Nakuru and we will be working with him, the National Committee, attending a SOWERS Rally and meeting local key Pastors and leaders.

Can you help this dedicated and hard working team? Donate online USD3080


Thank you for enabling security for this investment.

The Luapula Chicken Rearing Project is well under way (see Project 089) to raise funds to support the training program. National economic difficulties have resulted in the project finances taking a hit. The original fundraising will no longer complete the house for the resident worker. The steering committee writes,
1. We want to complete constructing the house for the poultry housekeeper who will be on site to look after the chickens and maintain the poultry house.
2. The poultry house can be best used if the worker is stationed there for security reasons. 

Can you help this dedicated and hard working team? Donate online USD1515


These bicycles will supply transport for 12 Level 3 Sowers and will assist them to travel easily to teach Seminars, encourage teams and follow up new Christians. Donate online USD1250
Update: Nine of the 12 are paid for already.


Thank you to the thoughtful donors.

This project will provide funding assisting for churches to conduct Level 2 Seminars. This project will mean more churches can be trained at Level 2 so that they can reach out into their communities with the Gospel.   National Director Godfrey will oveersee fund allocation.  Donate online USD690




A storm damaged our computer and printer beyond repair. Their loss impedes the ministry and we are seeking to replace them. Donate online USD815

Thank you to the thoughtful donors.

This project provides funding to convene a National Senior Sowers Couples Conference in Malawi in July 2015. The Conference will teach, refresh and encourage the Senior Sowers and their families.This Project will enable SOWERS Malawi to maintain the men to do more for SOWERS in Malawi and interact amongst themselves. It will help to improve skills for evangelism and will touch their wives to the ministry more.   Donate online USD3910

Donated before publication. Thank you.


Love them or hate them, computers are essential for translation, accounts, word processing, management and administration, etc

Fully funded before publication, thank you.

Wallace needed a motorcycle for improved efficiency in his SOWERS' work.

Beans will be planted on 2 acres of rented land near Mulombo in Zambezia Province using some hired labour. The land is fertile and does not need fertiliser. There is a good market for beans in the area. Two acres of beans once harvested and sold will raise about $1920 giving a profit of $1306. Once they take off the costs for the next year’s crop, they will possibly have a profit of $726 which can be used to assist the ministry in the coming year.  Donate online USD715

Two exciting things are happening here. Demand for the ministry is expanding and an opportunity has come to develop a good local source of the finance. A highly qualified and experienced man is available to supervise a chicken farm to meet high local demand. Capital is required to start it off.

Donate online USD5585

CRASH! Another motorbike accident because of a lack of prescription glasses and cataracts in one eye. It's easily fixed. If you have the money. Norsie is a full-time evangelist and church planter and doesn't have the money. Could you help? Donate online USD 2095

Thank you for your gift of a sewing machine to help this family support itself.

Thank you for funding this essential sep for the family.

SOWERS' Regional Director John needs to go to the Philippines

    • to conduct multinational training,
    • to provide pastoral care, 
    • to liaise with the Philippines Board. 

Could you help with part of the USD6,515 it will cost?  Donate online

Sharp AR-203eA big thanks to the Australian craft group who funded this.

Release money and time? Yes. Equipping SOWERS Malawi with a photocopier will reduce costs from MK20/page to MK2.4/page. That's not counting the time required presently to travel to town and back to get the copying done.  Donate online USD2425

A Nigerian church in partnership with Partners International in Canada, invite SOWERS to train the church in more effective ways to evangelise. Our West African Regional Director will spearhead our response  Donate online

Nepali Sowers are excited about supporting SOWERS work through a chicken farming project. A chicken farmer from New Zealand is available to give experienced advice. He and Regional Director John E should travel to Nepal during the start up phase when his advice is most needed. While in the region, they will visit and boost the work in India. USD9210.  Donate online

April saw a major advance in Sierra Leone as Ghanaian Sowers answered calls to come and train churches in outdoor evangelism. Now the churches in Sierra Leone are ready for Stage 2 of their training. Only USD1150 is needed to cover travel costs. Would you consider helping?   Donate online

Donation made for a bicycle for Joy in India.

Project created to facilitate handling.

Completed, thank you. The training materials were warmly welcomed.

The work in Nepal is growing well as more churches see the effectiveness of the SOWERS Program. The demand means sketchboards are needed as are print runs for various training materials as soon as possible. Would you think and pray about funding a component part of the overall total of USD5110? Click on 'Sketchboards draw people' for a short list. Donate online


Pastor Peter received SOWERS training years ago in Liberia. He is asking us to start training churches now in Sierra Leone. This project has been in the pipeline for some years now but because of lack of funding and a sponsor. Would you pray with us that the Lord will provide funding?   Donate online


THANK YOU for your gift

The Malawi office does not have a computer. Imagine how difficult that makes communication (email, Skype, internal web site), accounting, and preparation of training materials. USD1345.  Donate online

Local Registration Complete

Continued growth of the ministry needs national registration. This adds credibility and accountability to the ministry and encourages prospective National Board members that SOWERS is well founded. USD350. Donate online

ke - meeting in nairobi july 1 2011 200pxIn 2011 our Regional Director for Central Africa, accompanied by Emmanuel K (Level 5), visited Kenya at the request of church leaders there. The purpose was to conduct some training and to assess the possibility of establishing a permanent work there. This Project is Stage 2 of that process and also prepares for Project 58. USD1165. Donate online

How well do you speak Nepali? Probably about as well as Nepalis speak English! There is an immediate need for Level 1 and Level 2 manuals and counseling booklets. USD700. Donate online


A replacement photocopier is urgently needed in Lusaka. The previous photocopier is 12 years old and has become obsolete and they cannot get parts. So they are struggling to efficiently produce short-run manuals to do the work. USD3225. Donate online 

The wheels are rolling, thank you for your help.

John covers a wide area on difficult roads as he trains and nurtures Sowers. His last bike arrived in 2000 and has been properly serviced and cared for since. Sadly, spare parts are no longer available so the bike can no longer be repaired. Would you help him get a replacement? USD2600.


EMERGEhassane  josianes kitchenNCY! Imagine being left with nothing but the clothes you are standing in. What would you do? Where would you start? This is the experience of Hassane and Josiane, Sowers in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). We are looking for USD1500 to send as soon as possible. Could you help them in their calamity? Donate Online

Fascinating Philippines with its Spanish-American influences is a fertile field for furthering the gospel. Our Regional Director for Asia has responsibility to nurture, encourage and facilitate that work. A visit is needed for those purposes now. Opportunity will be taken also to conduct training and improve communications. Cost: USD2830.    Donate online

Thank you for partnering. The visit is about to take place.

Churches in Kenya are urging SOWERS to return to the country. A survey visit is needed to properly assess the situation before making a final commitment. Cost USD1035.

To partner financially, please use the How to Donate block on the left. Thanks.

This next phase is already underway. Thank you to those who made it possible.

In 2010 an initial visit was made to Uganda at the request of churches there. Initial training was given in a few churches. The SOWERS Program is practical - training must be put into practice before further training is given. That has been done and it is time to take the next step and carry out further development of the Program in Uganda. Cost USD4690

To partner financially, please donate online. Thanks.

Reliable communications are essential for efficient and effective coordination. This project is for internet access connection fees for SOWERS Malawi Lilongwe and Blantyre offices. USD130 per month / USD1560 per year. Donate online. Thanks.

COMPLETE. Thank you.

Samuel and Thandiwe have a need for basic furniture after being forced to move. Samuel is the National Coordinator for Zimbabwe and doing a great job. Sadly their income makes it impossible to buy any of the needed items. Please don't send furniture unless you live nearby, but otherwise ... Donate online. Thanks.

Thanks for your support. Growth in the SOWERS ministry in Zimbabwe has reached the point where a full-time staff member is needed, rather than the part-time position of late. We want to continue the momentum that exists in training churches to use this tool that is so effective in reaching people for God. Would you join us in prayer for the USD5520 per annum that is needed?     Donate online

Wheels are in motion. Bless you for your help.

Transport is a huge challenge for our National Coordinator. He needs to vist and develop widely scattered teams of Sowers. He needs to take a sketchboard and easel to training seminars. Try to imagine carrying them on a bicycle for long distances over rutted dirt roads. A motorbike will greatly increase his productivity. USD2300.

The operation was successful. Thank you for caring.

Mrs M needs an operation to correct a distressing medical condition. She is the wife of Ps M, the man heading SOWERS' work in Mozambique. Surgery in Malawi requires a one-time payment of USD460. To partner financially, please donate online. Thanks.

First visit completed successfully and paid for. Praise God -  excellent results.

SOWERS is about to launch into Uganda at the invitation of the United Christian Network. The first visit takes place in May. Level 1 and Level 2 training is planned to enable UCN to further evaluate the benefits to them of SOWERS' training. Our people will be able to investigate local resources to strengthen our ability to serve the Ugandan church in future.

To partner financially, please donate online. Thanks.

Thank you for helping. The vehicle is fixed.

Rodwell's roles as our Zimbabwean chairman are many and varied. He is self-supporting though farming. He has the care of Sowers. He has a significant ministry outside SOWERS, too, and is instrumental in meeting the needs of many. One key tool in much of this is his vehicle. This has broken down and stopped much of his work including family support. USD630 is needed to get it back on the road.

Mozambique mapTHANKS so much. Fully funded.

Demand in Mozambique is high for SOWERS' training. It has reached the point where full time staffing is needed to adequately respond to the call. Pastor Joao M has several years experience working with SOWERS part time.  When the Lord provides the funds he is ready to answer the call to full time work. To partner financially, please donate online. Thanks.

Fully funded. Thank you for your partnership.

The SOWERS' Program has always been intended for use in the open marketplace where the crowds readily listen. In some places it is too dangerous to evangelise like that, even though people are keen to hear the gospel. A trial of using the Program off the street, say in courtyards, has been authorised and is currently under way. It has been fully funded from within India. Praise God.

Funding is needed to systematically develop the Northern Region. Transport is the major cost, about 50% of the USD320 per month. Thanks so much for considering this project.  Donate online

All paid. Thank you for your generosity.

Active Level 3 Sowers (refer front page for Levels) need a means of transport to go to churches in their provinces for training new church teams and encouraging existing ones.Thirty bikes are needed at USD150 each - total USD4500.

Fully funded, Praise God and thank you.

Great progress was made in the first two training visits. Ps N is leading the work under the guidance of the Regional DIrector. Further consolidation is needed in 2009.


The Ghanaians have had Liberia on their hearts and in their prayers for years. Now invitations have come from Liberia to train churches there. USD3500. Please contact us to help. Thanks.

Project complete, thank you.

The wires don't stay up on the poles! Telephone cables are so valuable for their scrap value that thieves have taken them down and Zimbabwe's phone company doesn't have the foreign currency to buy replacements - not that they would stay in place long either. The solution - a wireless facility. Communication to and from SOWERS Zimbabwe can most economically be obtained in this way. USD310

Could you meet part of this man's need?

The quantity of work in Zambia necessitates an office assistance to properly care for Sowers and administer the work. The Board wants a committed Christian with knowledge of the SOWERS Program and office procedures. USD350 per month. Thanks so muchDonate online

Deferred. This project aims to provide funds for feeding the families of Level 3 and Level 4 Sowers while they are away training churches in other areas. Without this support the training can't go ahead as the Sowers need to work to sustain their families. USD1000. If you can help, donate online. Thanks for your partnership.

Thank you. Repairs completed.

The Sowers' house is suffering badly from overdue maintenance and accelerating decay. The project aims to repair it and restore it to a weatherproof state. Cost: USD2800

Visits 1 & 2 have been funded. Thank you.

Nepali Christians request SOWERS training and SOWERS Philippines has responded by offering Sowers to conduct training. Their finances can't stretch so far, though, so this project is out for international partnership.  Airfares are about USD1500 per person and three are needed on the first visit so senior Filipino Sowers can be given experience in transferring the Program internationally. Only two people will need to go on subsequent visits.

Project established. Thanks for your help.

Zambian Sowers propose a bee-keeping project to help with their support.The initial cost of setting up the project, including purchasing and transporting the hives, equipment for extracting the honey, and training for two people is USD900.

The farm management team is already in place and will handle the beekeeping alongside the other activities on the farm. Time required will be 2-3 days twice a year when the honey is extracted and sold.

Thank you - project completed

A motorbike is proposed as the most effective method of overcoming the lack of public transport to enable Pastor M to reach more areas, to train more teams and to encourage and assist existing Teams and Trainers.

There are many positive side-effects as Pastor M will be able much more easily to visit teams both in Niassa and Zambezia Provinces. The distances between places are up to 100kms and the roads are not good in places, so the use of a motor bike is the much more effective way of travel. Pastor M currently has to use a push bike and this is means he has to ride for many hours to visit and encourage teams and is often exhausted at the end of the day. In his mid to late 40s, this would be a great asset to him and the ministry. With a large carrier on the back of the motor bike, he will be able to carry the equipment he needs with him. It is not heavy, just bulky.


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