Meet Our International Staff

Meet our international Leadership Team

If you compare the size of SOWERS with its impact in global church missions, the results are staggering. With just a small mostly volunteer leadership team and an organization spread across the world, tens of thousands of people hear and respond to the gospel every year through our ministry.

Get fired up about international missions by reading their stories below. When you see how God has worked in and through their lives, you’ll see that God will use anyone who puts his kingdom first.

Meet our 4 regional directors, the CEO, and the president.


SOWERS International Regional Directors

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West Africa Regional Director

Kwesi’s Story: Won By the Power of the Gospel

How do you reach a nation when you lack resources? As Jesus said, “With God, all things are possible.” God cares more about the lost than any of us. So when he finds a person who wants to be led by him to spread the gospel, it’s not hard to get their attention. In 1977, that person was Kwesi.

Kwesi was working with the Ghana Evangelism Committee when he saw his first open air presentation. It captured his heart because it focused completely on preaching the gospel and watching God change people’s hearts. Hundreds of them. And for almost no cost.

In 1993, Kwesi was asked to be the National Director for Ghana’s SOWERS ministry. He has trained dozens of church leaders and members across multiple denominations. What’s more, he’s personally planted several new churches in Ghana. He loves to see people of other faiths hear and respond to the gospel. Two such people who turned their lives to God in an open air meeting many years ago are still members of his local church.

What Kwesi loves about SOWERS is the simplicity of its approach to the global mission of the church. It hardly costs anything, and yet it results in huge numbers of people getting the chance to respond to the truth and love of God.


French-Speaking Africa Regional Director

Murray’s Story: Looking for the Kingdom of God

God sometimes tests us to see how badly we want something. Murray wanted to use his gifts to spread the kingdom of God. But he didn’t know how, because he didn’t see himself as an evangelist.

In the 1980s, missionaries from Chad inspired him to spend two years in Switzerland in language study before joining their mission in Chad. But that opportunity fell through, so his family headed back to New Zealand for five long years.

But then, while serving a potato supper at a Christian Camp in Taupo, one of the campers named Harry said, “I would like five minutes with you and Christine.” Harry told them about SOWERS, and how desperately they needed French speakers to help them expand into certain West African nations.

A year later in 1993, Murray’s family of five moved to Ivory Coast, and stayed there for six years. There, he devoted himself to teaching and training local churches in the methods of outdoor evangelism. As the local churches started going out to preach the gospel to the lost, Murray got to see incredible fruit flowing through his work. He saw lives, communities, cities and nations be transformed, all starting with a simple sketch board, paint, and paper.

Murray is passionate about SOWERS because it follows Jesus’ example to go out to where the people are – in the intersections, the highways, and the marketplaces. And, it uses local Christians, not outsiders, to tell their own people about Jesus’ saving work on the cross, using a simple, cost-effective, and transferrable approach.

For someone who doesn’t see himself as an evangelist, Murray has been directly or indirectly involved in hundreds, if not thousands of people giving their lives to God.

How many lives can be touched by your passion for God’s Kingdom?

For more about Murray, refer to CEO below


Asia Regional Director

John and Winsome’s Story: Looking for God’s Call

God called Moses through a burning bush. He called David from the sheep fields. He called Paul on a roadside, and Peter in a fishing boat.

For John and Winsome, God used an advertisement.

Back in 2000, John and Winsome saw an ad inviting people to apply to join a SOWERS mission team to the Philippines. Sensing this was where God was leading them, they applied and were accepted. As they learned the SOWERS method of evangelism, they were amazed at how its simplicity and effectiveness were so different from most other methods. With its strong biblical foundation, they were convinced this was the way to go.

So they spent the next six years in the Philippines working on administration, training, promotion, and mentoring – helping raise up local leaders and Sowers who would continue spreading the word in their communities, training more leaders, and multiplying churches.

After returning to New Zealand in 2007, they accepted the role of Regional Director for Asia, now serving Nepal, India, and the Philippines. Opening up the nation of Nepal in 2006 was especially exciting for them, and now the Sowers global mission continues to produce fruit for the kingdom of heaven in that nation as well.

If you’ve ever wondered what God wants you to do, John and Winsome’s story offers an inspiring lesson. What was the key to them hearing God’s call? They already possessed a strong desire to reach the lost. God calls the hungry, the passionate, the committed, and those who have strong faith.

So build your faith, pursue God’s word, and see what doors he might open up for you!


Cenral and East Africa Regional Director

Selwyn and Christine’s Story: Endurance for the Gospel

Jesus said in Matthew 5 that we are blessed when we are persecuted for the sake of his name.

When Selwyn and Christine accepted the task of establishing a SOWERS training program in Zimbabwe in 1993, they had no idea of how real this was about to become.

With 26 years of experience in another ministry, they arrived in Zimbabwe in 1994 to conduct Level 2 trainings. The weather was hot and dry, the roads filthy and in horrible condition. Their first work permit was turned down. This wasn’t the start they’d hoped for.

Then, at their first meeting, students boycotted because the only trainings were in English. Over the next few years, they were robbed multiple times, and thieves attempted to steal their car seven different times.

But eventually, they were able to train a few leaders in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Once the roots were planted, the trainings could now be done in local languages, by local leaders. In keeping with the SOWERS mission to raise up local churches and leaders, six Eastern African nations now have training manuals and resources in at least 12 languages.

Selwyn and Christine now oversee the work in all six nations and have had the great pleasure of seeing God establish strong local leaders all over the region. Uganda now has two level 6 leaders, meaning the entire program in that nation can be run by local leaders.

Selwyn and Christine’s endurance and faith have led to thousands of people hearing and receiving Jesus in their lives.



Murray's Story: Following the Great Commission

I was born into a caring Christian family in 1957 and grew up on a farm in Cambridge, NZ. At the age of 14 I accepted God’s offer of salvation and was baptised a few years later. In 1982 I completed a diploma in missionary and evangelistic training.

Christine and I married in 1983 and God blessed us with three children, Narelle ’87, Jared ’89 and Logan ’92. We were introduced to SOWERS by the late Harry Yeoman in 1992 and the following year we went to Ivory Coast as missionaries to establish the ministry there and we returned to NZ in 2000.

I am currently the NZ National Director, the Partnership Coordinator, the Regional Director for Francophone Africa and a member of the Executive. I am also very involved in our local church where I have teaching, pastoral care, and leadership responsibilities.



Rodwell’s Story: Bigger Impact

I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at the age of 13 through a mission organization called The Evangelical Alliance. I married Enicia in 1983 and in this union the Lord blessed us with 3 boys and two daughters.

We felt called by the Lord to full-time ministry in 1984, and we responded by going to a Theological Training College in 1985 through 88. Since then, we have served the Lord in Pastoral Ministry, and as Missions Directors, Evangelism chairman, Church Planters and Christian Broadcasters. To further enhance our Ministry in fulfilling the Great Commission, we have trained and participated with EEIII, Christian Broadcasting, Global Missions Fellowship, and SOWERS International. I have been involved with SOWERS International since 1992 and participated as a Board Member, Treasurer, Vice Chairman and currently hold the Chairmanship of SOWERS Zimbabwe.

What I have experienced with SOWERS Program is that I could make a far bigger impact with a broader range of churches or denominations and still continue ministering with my passion for evangelism and discipleship in the context of church planting


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