Cote d'Ivoire

Post election turmoil since 28th of November is so stressful that at times AK47one can become workaholic. 10 out of the 15 national banks have been closed. Ecobank where SOWERS' bank account is located is among them. Many major towns in the country are attacked by rebels. Pastor HASSANE and Beugre Pierrette have fled from Abobo, a suburb of Abidjan. Yopougon where Tizie lives and even Yamoussoukro are targeted on a daily basis. 

We will be grateful for your ceaseless prayers on new peace process to be found. Pray that this post electoral crisis will not turn into civil and even religious war.

Looking forwards to receiving words of confort from all of you. Remain blessed in the Lord. Special greeting to our brethren from New Zealand and other countries that are going through kinds of calamities.


With the blessing of my Pastor my wife and I started evangelising in a certain Newly planted churcharea in order to establish a new church. The challenge was enormous, especially convincing the Regional Superintendant of our denomination. He had never used this type of program before, even though I had been using it in some of our churches for many years. For the past 7 years I have tried to have the SOWERS Program accepted by our denomination but they have resisted this. Finally this year they agreed to allow me to run a “pilot program” so that they could see how it worked and see if it was possible to start a new church by using such a simple method. We began with just four people, my wife and I and my brother in law’s two children who live with us. We started going door to door in January and today as I write this to you a new community has been born thanks to God. We hold our worship in a rented shelter every Sunday morning. To date, our experience has been similar to what is written in the Acts of the Apostles, “And the Lord added to their number daily those being saved (Acts 2:47). There are now 20 attending on a regular basis and almost each week new people come and join us. Auguste

Back from the deadI had the joy of leading this woman to Christ earlier this year. This woman suffered much from some sickness over a period of months before falling into a coma and then dying about a week later. She was only 31 years old. Doctors certified that the woman was clinically dead and the following morning her husband was informed. According to his testimony his wife sang hymns before she fell unconscious.


While the husband and the parents of the woman were working through the paperwork associated with her death and the doctors were covering the woman with a cloth so that she could be transported to the mortuary, the Lord brought this woman back to life.


Her husband and parents were overjoyed as you can well imagine. This photograph shows the woman sharing her testimony with us during the worship service on Sunday April 26 in the new church which we have planted using the SOWERS Program. Auguste

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