In this very (Covid-19 pandemic) situation, God is doing wonderful/amazing works among us. I have some stories regarding my ministry. This time one whole family came to the Lord after we had preached the good news to around 30 people personally. One young man from a non-Christian background came to the Lord recently. Actually, this young man is demon possessed and witchcrafted by someone. Now he is free from demon possession and according to his request and having faith in Jesus now, he got water baptism. Along with this young man two others got water baptism within three months. Oken

In the village called Sam* we started a children club through an open-air. I have already mentioned in my last report about this, so what I am saying is that this children's club is growing and every Sunday they have the regular worship service. One of SOWRS' team members is looking after this children club. Please remember in your prayer. Thanks. Oken 

Open air preaching and introduction of the Program to new groups is going on. One team is conducting an open air program each week. Another church group is starting to preach twice a month. A worker and his family have moved to a new area, providing new places and opportunities for preaching and introducing the SOWERS program to the surrounding churches. Some Level 1 and Level 2 training is being planned. A worker in another State is faithfully conducting open air programs and making follow up visits.


My family paddy field is now growing well, it is going to get harvest after 2 months. This year the rainfall was scanty, last month almost all of the paddy fields in different parts of Manipur state were drying, there were no means to get water except rainfall. At this hard time there came rain, very slowly and steadily, for 3 days. Then the paddy fields once again revive. We are happy that we will get a harvest. So also we who are in the field of souls will have a reaping time if we continue sowing. Praise the Lord, he is enabling me to take part in the SOWERS family! 

We are encouraging particularly 4 leaders (Level 2 leaders), to complete the assignments as the leaders and be able to attend a Level 3 Refresher Seminar during this year. 

The new believer, Mr H**, is still waiting for Level one training. Until then I am helping his spiritual walk, being available to be together, he is also learning how to give testimony in the open air. 


At Imphal Baptist Church, Manipur, Brother Surjo, Sukumar and myself lead the Level 1 training with around 15 people attending this course.

During the visit of John and Winsome we had a time of introducing SOWERS Ministry to the leaders of different churches in Manipur, and I took part alongside them in introducing it to those leaders. Sukumar also shared about the core values of SOWERS ministry and the experiences he has had, and he also encouraged the local churches to be involved in this Ministry.

I preached at one of the house churches situated in Imphal East about the Lost and Found message.  Most of the people who attended this meeting were non- Christian. Thank God that in this program 17 people accepted Jesus Christ.

One of the drug rehabilitation centres, in Imphal, invited the members of the SOWERS ministry to preach.  What a privilege to preach the Word of God to these people.


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