The Church in M* is doing so well with the SOWERS Program. They have completed ten open air meetings. They have made an impact in their community with the Gospel. They have started receiving visitors every Sunday and they have brought a young man to the Lord through Sowers open air meeting, who has become so instrumental in their Church. The young man called D* has the zeal for the Lord and for open air meetings. 


COVID-19 is a wakeup call to preach the gospel. Many teams are confessing that they were relaxed about going to preach the gospel when the opportunity was there. Message 4 for Level 2 is now making sense of Fruitful Sowing. One said, "Now we are praying for an opportunity of going out, yet we had the opportunity but we were relaxed of going out. May the Lord forgive us and give us another chance. I trust we will not behave the way we used to behave."  Emmanuel

In Kim** we had 17 participants who were being trained at Level One Sower. During testimony teaching, 11 participants were discovered that were not saved so I witnessed to them. They believed in the Lord. One of them went and shared her testimony during the open-air meeting. 

The SOWERS program is helping many church members to understand the gospel and to know Christ. It helps the Pastor to know the importance of assurance of salvation.


During the Open Air meeting in Tanzania, K* the headman of the village was at the Market and he paid so much attention throughout the program. When the invitation was given for those who have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ to come forward he was number three to come forward and he was counselled and the response was very positive.  

You can sense the hunger for the gospel in the villages in Tanzania. The number of people we were attracting to the open meeting was amazing. 


In Mwea Kerinyanga county we had an open air meeting with Oasis of Love Ndindiruka Church. We went to the Market called Soko Mujinga meaning ‘market of fools’. The village where the market is situated is called W* meaning ‘Witches village’. We went near one of the shops and asked the owner for permission to hold the open air near his shop. He agreed. Around 60 people gathered to listen to the Gospel. 

After 10 minutes of our open air meeting, the rain came from nowhere and people started running away from the meeting. About half of the crowd remained and they went and stood on the verandah of the shop. We pushed the sketchboard near to them. We remained in the rain and continued with the programme praying in our hearts for the rain to stop. After 5 minutes the rain stopped and at the end of the programme 7 people responded to the invitation and 26 people were counselled.  

The pastor and the church leaders were very excited to see the attendance of people. This kind of response they have never experienced before during their evangelistic campaign of conducting crusades. They said, ‘God has answered their prayers to find the tool to be use in evangelism’.    


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