Amos reports

  • Some level 1s of MC Baptist were reluctant when time for open air came, but after the open air they came back very happily. Their fear of reaching people which they had had gone away through SOWERS skills
  • The desires of the team members to be going out to preach, counsel and plant churches have developed into a habit due to the open airs and the follow ups we have had in the past
  • A member of Pentecostal assemblies, a lady, has decided to be witnessing to her relatives after receiving a Level 1 training

Jon* writes, "I have written this report to inform you how the ministry of SOWERS International has helped to build up my ministry. Firstly, it has been a long journey from Level 1-3 but by God’s grace it is done. I do thank Pastor Mat* who never get tired to teach me and my fellow ministers. I do not take it for granted. I was mostly blind on how important it is to go and sow, but the coming of SOWERS International has contributed much. I am now able to mobilise a team, teach Level 1 and go out to preach the gospel, am able to minister using trucks. I do feel comfortable; simply my eyes are now open.

"Secondly, it has not only given me the courage on outreach ministry, but also improved my ministry at church for I can stand well for intercessions, teach and preach. In simple language it has come up with improvement, individually, to my family, church and in the society. All in all, even though it has been a good journey, some challenges prevented even more success, for example, New Testaments, Bibles and the top most is the means of transport. I do go out to preach on foot, but that limits my ministry. It could have been better if I may find even a bicycle, since further places that cannot be reached on foot can be reached and the Church of Christ can grow since lost souls can be won by God’s grace. I shall be glad if my stumbling block on my ministry has been removed.

Old Mr Chi* was 81 years when he received the Lord Jesus Christ after a team of Sowers witnessed to him. He used to be the in charge of the animal people society. He has since joined a Baptist church. Godfrey

Marko writes:

We praise God for the establishment of anew Baptist Church at Kav* on 7 June 2020, and Jonas (Level 2) is ministering, though it's far from his home. Pray for him to have a bicycle to travel the 15km, together with Fabriano (Level 3) Sower. Mr and Mrs Nicolas M* came to Christ from witchcraft at an open-air meeting when giving counselling in his village at Kal*.

Some members with whom we have been doing follow-up have confessed that their fear of reaching people had gone away through SOWERS' skills. The desires of the team members to go out to preach, counsel and plant churches have developed into a habit due to the open airs and the follow-ups we have had in the past. In Mak* village a church has been planted at a lady’s home who received Christ during this camp and a strong bible study group has been established there. The family of a nearby chief to the area invited the team to pray for the family after the chief confessed Christ as Lord. In Chi* village the team prayed for a sick pastor and God touched him and a bible study group was established. In Mal* village two ladies and one man who were beer brewers received Christ and promised to join the church. In Che* village a certain family brought a girl of 11 years old who was possessed with evil spirits to be prayed for by the team. After the prayers the family invited the team to burn some clothes, which the parents bought from a religion which believes in ancestral spirits, for the girl to be wearing in order for her to be healed. We burned them. A ministry of elderly people was formed by the team because we ministered to a lot of elderly people and we found that they have a lot of physical needs. On 11th July we are buying a mate, a blanket, some soaps and others through our contributions.  Amos

Two churches started in two villages. That is Mak* and Mal* villages. In Mal* village, the chief of the village gave his life to Jesus after an open-air meeting and he gave his testimony the next day in public. He testified to his people in the village that Jesus has freed him, and he is a free man and he has started a new life in Jesus. He requested a SOWERS team to help to establish a church in his village. Since then a Baptist church has been started in the village. The chief and his family are the first Christian members in the church. The SOWERS team is running a Bible Study Group in the village every Wednesday. The chief is witnessing about Jesus in his village and the Lord is adding the numbers to the new churches. He and his people are building and growing the church and mobilizing people to join the church.  Godfrey

Amos writes,

• Some members with whom we have been doing follow up, have confessed that the fear of reaching people which they had, had gone away through SOWERS skills

• The desires of the team members to be going out to preach, counsel and plant churches have developed into a habit due to the open airs and the follow ups we have had in the past

• One lady who received Jesus on one of the follow ups we had in Ka* Village joined Victory Baptist Church

When we had the open air at Ka* it was so amazing how people responded to the noise maker and they came in large numbers. And thank God that one of the drunkard men of the area gave his life to Jesus. Blackson

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