A 78-year-old man by the name of Robert visited many churches and pretended to be a Christian for many years. He never found the truth and as a result he stopped going to church. He met an active Level 3 Sower who counselled him using a counselling booklet. Robert confessed his sins and turned from his old ways and accepted Jesus as his Lord and personal saviour. Ever since then he has been a very committed member of his church. Machesso


The Mwa* team of Sowers, directed by Pastor Mag* (Level 3) planted a new church through their house-to-house evangelization. The Mee* family was converted that since its infancy had never before entered a church. Now the church has 25 believers.  Machesso


Mr K* (Level 4) was invited by Pastor Fad* of the Church of Christ, to demonstrate a SOWERS outreach. Mr K* preached with the painting he intends to use in outdoor meetings, due to Pastor Fad*'s request. At the end of the preaching five (5) regular members of the church gave themselves up afresh and confessed their sins. One person among the 5 is a lady named Anna, who clearly declared that although she was so long as a member of the church, she committed adultery with many men. So she's already regretted it. Pastor Fad* requests Level 1 & 2 seminars in his church.  Ibraimo


Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the teams decided to do their evangelization from house to house. Nam*'s team, led by their leader Mr. V*, managed to win a family that converted to Christ, whose name of the head of the family is And*. Ibraimo

There is still no relaxation of the prevention measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic for the resumption of activities. Outdoor meetings are still paralyzed. So, our teams make the gospel from home to home, respecting the measures. And through this method some people are converting to Christ. Machesso

One of the leaders of the Evangelical Zambezi Church, known by the name Paulo, declared saying that in one of the meetings made by his team, a thief known by the name of Horlando was counselled, and at the end, confessed his sins and received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Now he is a faithful member of this church together with his family. Alfredo

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