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A Nepali pastor attending an international evangelism conference saw a presentation about the SOWERS Program. He was so impressed by its effectiveness he invited SOWERS INTERNATIONAL to come to Nepal and train him and his church.

Though the work is still in its infancy in Nepal, more and more are inviting SOWERS to come and train them in this particularly effective method of open air evangelism.

This is a story about an ex-vehicle driver, struggling for the survival of his family -- a husband and the father of a son and a daughter, both approaching their teenage years.  

Seven months ago, he was travelling to a village for his younger brother’s wedding. He was not driving at the time but was sitting on the back of vehicle with a load of empty milk pots. He had been drinking wine before the start of the journey and sat there alone, not wanting to cause any trouble.  

They had been traveling some distance when they reached some dangerous parts of the road. While they were turning a corner, he was thrown off the vehicle, on to the roadside, together with the milk pot he was holding. As a result of the accident, he was not able to sit nor was he able to stand and walk.  

Someone took him to a medical college to be checked and get treatment. The doctor recommended a hip operation within 72 hours. The operation required a deposit of 1 lakh (100,000 rupees). Because he lacked the money, he was not able to make the upfront payment, so, without treatment, his right hip joint was left damaged, resulting in a decreased range of motion after 2 months.  

Up until that time, he had not been ready to accept Christ, even though his two younger brothers, who had been Christians for 5 years, had shared the gospel with him and his family many times. He was just not ready to believe in Jesus, nor to acknowledge God; happy to drink wine and drive for a paltry living. 

His second brother is a good evangelist and shares the gospel wisely. He invited a fellow Sower to their room to give encouragement to the elder brother who had had the accident. The Sower also shared the gospel and the love of Christ with him and spoke about both the spiritual and the physical sides of life, making clear to him his need for salvation by explaining the eternal consequences of dying without Christ. Finally, he realised the truth and he and his family all accepted Christ into their lives and their home.  

They are growing in faith, learning about Christianity and God, and joining in church fellowship regularly, even though, with no source of income, he, and his family, face big struggles to survive daily. His progress is dependent on health services and follow-up visits to the doctor from time to time. As he was not able to sit or walk easily, he had to have an expensive hip replacement operation. He walks slowly, only for a short distance, with the help of a stick. His artificial hip will last for a maximum of 3-5 years then he will have to face further surgery.  

The cost of one hip replacement operation is 3 lakhs (300,000 Nepali rupees). A local church gave some financial help for his operation, and they took out a loan for the rest of the amount. He is not able to travel in a vehicle for long hours, so recently a Sower bought an air ticket for him because he needed to go for follow-up with his doctor in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is where he had his hip replacement.  

This man’s life is a big struggle. He has no way to earn money for his family’s survival. His wife is a simple and uneducated woman, and the children are growing and studying. Every day they face terrible hardship, but the good news is that they are saved in Christ and are preparing for baptism.   Nabin


I shared the gospel with 25 people on 3rd week of November 2019 at Humla district and 5 people accepted Christ. I distributed some Nepali Holy Bibles to some political leaders, so may they understand the Word of God.   

I met with people of Humla who are a native people of the nation. They speak their tribal language. I also speak and understand their language a little. The Humla district is a Himalayan district and it takes a one-hour flight from where I live to reach it. There is no road to reach there from my place. We can drive for a day from Surkhet to the Jumla district, then Jumla to Humla takes a week by foot which is a challenge, so I took a flight to visit Humla. There is only one church in the main bazaar and airport area, and it is totally remote and prone to landslides. Men live 2/3 months with family and for 9 months live in India and the Tarai area of Nepal to work to earn money for their family’s survival. 

A couple in Humla were very keen to know about the love of God. They are suffering from undiagnosed sickness problems and the woman is not able to eat. She was thin and lost weight. She felt weak physically and had poor eyesight. Their occupation is caring for sheep and horses. They were living hopeless lives and were hoping to find supernatural help. This couple spent a lot of money to seek a cure from witchdoctors and medical doctors even though this Himalayan district doesn’t have good hospitals and doctors.  

I meet with this couple and other village people too. I talked and shared the gospel with them. I heard their story. I noticed their situation. I tried to make it clear for them to find the truth through the gospel and the Word of God. The Holy Spirit did work in their lives and they got ready to accept Christ. I prayed for them and lived for 3 days in their place. I prayed for the couple especially. My prayer was that they would understand the Truth and be healed from their sickness. God did miracles in their lives and they felt peace and were healed from sickness too.  

Nowadays they are happy and are preparing for fellowship and baptism. I encouraged them to pray and study the Word of God. They are in Christ and growing day by day.


NJ is a generous fellow now.  He is from Brahmin family. He was studying in 10th class at S* Valley School. During that time he was in contact with me and I shared the gospel with him. So he received Christ and he took baptism by joining in fellowship with us. He has done a year Leadership Training in S* and after he graduated from there he went to Bible college for a B.Th. course. He has finished B.Th. recently. All his family members came to Christ 2 years ago. This brother NJ was also trained through SOWERS methods of Level 1 & 2. He is habitual in continuing to share the gospel to the people whenever he has free time from his College study. He has shared the gospel to hundreds of people. He has desired to commit his life for gospel sharing and helping the church continue now a days.  

This brother N's family members were all are baptised last year. His elder brother couple are teachers in a Government School. This teacher arranged a program many times to share the gospel to the students in his school. So this family are partnering with us to expand the kingdom of God. They are very happy in their family. 

SOWERS ministries in Nepal are highly demanded in the nation of Nepal. This is a very effective method and program about evangelism tools. This is what the community, churches leaders and teachers are saying. This ministry needs to be promoted in every state church for the churches. More staff and volunteer workers are needed otherwise it is not possible to run the ministry. 

We are facing challenges from the nation and Hindu people. A new consititution has been made and it is still in process. Most of the points are in use and it is not easy to do evangelism. As we are doing evangelism and church planting we continue to face suffering. Here is not an easy situation in the nation now. We are feeling that to do evangelism is like chewing iron ricebread. But God is great and the Holy Spirit is moving so here are growing God’s kingdom, so He is moving by anointing enough grace. 


SS is the wife of Pastor RS who did SOWERS training in October in her church. There were 14 evangelists in the team. She coordinated Level 1 & 2 seminars in her church and her trained group did 4 open air meetings in different villages. She is educated and keen for evangelism and church planting ministry. She wants to develop herself for evangelism to win souls for God’s kingdom. She is partnering with us for evangelism and church planting. She wants to take Levels 3 & 4 and above SOWERS seminars to develop herself in coming months to partner with us. BG is also is keen to develop himself for Level 3 & 4. 

Ps. RS, husband of SS, is the first Christian in his family. His backgroud is that he was born in a Hindu family. He practiced Hindu religious practices while under his parents, but after he entered in young age, he accepted Christ in his student life. He was baptised at 20 years of age. He did Christian holy marriage with SS, then he went to Bible college for B.Th. Degree and after he graduated he started ministry through his church. Later on his parents and family members all together accepted Christ. Nowadays all his family members are involved in ministry activities. 


Our SOWERS team of Nepal did gospel sharing and leadership development training in October to December 2018 in different places of our nation. According to collected records of events in many places, there were 1150 gospel tracts distributed, 225 Bibles distributed and 1725 people heard the gospel. 39 people have been baptised. 

We provided a 3 weeks course of discipleship training for the 40 new believers through the church context. We have built 2 new church buildings. These are not cemented buildings but general cheap cost hall made with wood walls, metal tin roof and stone foundation. The name of one church is Christian Church G* where are 40 members and another is Christian Church R* where are 30 members.    


Please pray for Nabin and some others as they visit the Himalayan towns of Jumla and Humla. They will go by bus to Jumla - 2 days I think - then they have to walk for 7 days to Humla - the only way to get there!! Nabin says there are no churches in these places so the purpose of his visits is to look at possibilities for evangelism and church-planting. He says that these people speak a different dialect but he can understand and speak it a little. What a vision he has! What a wonderful pioneering spirit he has! Nabin said he may return by plane from Jumla. Please pray for their safety and strategies for evangelising these people will be worked out and implemented.

Last month we gave training to youth with the mission team from Level 1 and Level 2. This group are in outreach in village and city for two months. They are doing evangelism in school, bazaar, village area. So far they done 24 open air meeting and 1200 people have heard the gospel. Fifteen people accepted Christ, so praise the Lord and continue to pray for them please. There are still 2 more weeks of their program.


During Christmas 2013, 17 people were baptized even though the weather was very cold. A fun and blessed Christmas celebration was conducted and the Good News was preached in different places and in remote villages too. Five people accepted Christ during the sharing time. They are so eager to learn about God. Praise the Lord!

The chicken farm (Project 53) is making progress. The old chicken house has been dismantled to make room for the new one which is now being constructed. Stones for the foundation along with bricks and sand have been supplied to the site. They are hoping to complete the building by the end of February 2013.

Sowers planting in Nepal

For our gospel campaign we went to the top of hill with our national flag. Our team prayed there for Nepal's Ministry that we are doing through SOWERS.

A couple of days later we went to the field where farmers were working and worked with them as a social work by our team (team members in blue). And at last we shared the love of God for the people and world.

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