Deo writes: "A passenger reached his home and realised that he had taken somebody else’s bag. He checked inside for the identities of the owner; there was none, except for the name on the Level 1 training manual. So, being at naught of locating him, he saw the SOWER’s head office contact number and made ä call. It helped both of them to get their own bags.

There was a great threat of noise in the sites of NK where an open air meeting for Level 3/1 was planned but God made a miracle by switching off electricity which made the whole town calm and people paid attention to the Gospel and finally 17 people were counselled. 


We continue to witness excitements in our church at R*. It is the church which had stagnated at a membership of only 8 for over 15 years and then grew to over 50 in less than 6 months after its Pastor got a Level 1 training. Last Sunday I was called upon to baptise their new members.  

I was surprised to discover that all the 15 were Rwandese nationals and that they longed for the Gospel literature which is now in their language!  

With the Rwandese translation being almost ready, I’m optimistic that most likely it is going to bear fruit even before it crosses the border; for I have already organised a Sowers class for these ones in my neighbourhood.


Venas tested that it was hard for him to approach people but after L1 Seminar he was also able to approach the people and counselled them without fear and is finding it much easier for him.


In the recent Level 1 seminar, there was a student who planned to stop at Level 1. Nobody knew about it. But at the end of the message, this man Joram stood to testify how he changed his mind to proceed to Level 2 fearing to lose the best part of the Program. 


At a recent Graduation ceremony, a Moslem mayor was invited and he arrived late. Immediately he arrived, I gave him our calendar. When his time for talking arrived, he surprised everyone by saying that he had cancelled his pre-arranged speech in favour of what he had just learnt from the calendar. He then commenced with admonitions of being faithful, competent, persistent in ministry and developmental and good in the communities where the graduates were going to serve as pictorially presented as the Sower and the seed. Thank God that our calendars have messages for everybody. .



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