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Build a Spiritual Legacy – Help Lead People to Christ


There is no greater purpose in life than to have a role in leading people to eternal salvation. To tell people about God’s love, to save them from sin and judgment, and to usher them into God’s kingdom.

God Wants You to Act!

But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Lots of people are resistant to the gospel, even hostile. Many more just don’t care. Lots are too “busy.”

SOWERS offers you a way to play a vital role in leading thousands of people to salvation. How? By supporting evangelists in places where people aren’t resistant, who do care, and who are hungry for the love, power, and purposes of God to change their lives.

In many parts of Africa and Asia, people are open and receptive to the Gospel.

Contact the US Office of SOWERS and use your gifts for God's kingdom


Two Stories from Zambia

Overcoming Spiritual Rulers and Authorities

In early 2015, a village Headman gave his life to Jesus. After some follow-up discipleship, he brought his snake skins and demonic charms and burned them! He has since been trained in Levels 1 and 2 to share his new faith with his community.


Truth Penetrates Soft Hearts and Good Soil

One Sower named Titus trained 12 people with the Level 1 Gospel-sharing course. Four people gave their own lives to Christ as they went through the counseling booklet!

Reports like these happen every day through the SOWERS method of open air evangelism and follow-up counseling. Lives are changing. Communities will change next. And nations after that. Read more amazing testimonies here.


Give to God’s Kingdom

Fulfill the vital role of funding God's global mission!


24 Times More Cost-Effective!

Pastor Rick Warren says if we give cheaply, we’ll get cheap results. Normally, that’s true. But SOWERS trains local evangelists to do the preaching and teaching of the word in their own communities.

We don’t send in Western missionaries who don’t know the culture and who cost far more to train and transport. You can fund 24 more effective local evangelists for the same cost as one Western missionary. It's less costly, and far more fruitful.

Browse our list of Sowers and pick one to support today!


Support a Sower Today!

Meet Practical Needs Today!

Sowers have specific needs they can’t pay for that hinder them from doing the work of the Gospel. Sometimes it’s a farming project. It could also be printing new booklets, or improving computer systems.

Whatever the need – you can help them improve their ministries by funding specific and immediate practical needs. Once they’re funded, the project ends, and you’ll know the difference you made for Jesus.

Send your missions funds to where they will have direct impact for God’s kingdom.


Choose a Project today!

  • Are you frustrated with half-hearted church attenders who won’t commit, no matter how much you pour into their lives?
  • Do you long to see people get saved by Jesus and have their lives radically altered?
  • Do you want the finances God has blessed you with to fulfill the Great Commission?

Then learn about SOWERS and partner with us.

The nations we’re in, like Zambia, Nepal, Ghana, and the Philippines, are hungry for truth and life. They are receptive to the Gospel.

Below are four ways you can learn more about the world-changing impact of SOWERS.

4 Ways to Come Alongside God's Mission for the Lost

1. 6 Level Evangelism Training Program

There’s nothing like this system of evangelism anywhere else that we know of. We consistently train and release new evangelists, missionaries, and leaders. See how we do it.


2. Evangelist Testimonies

Get inspired by what God is doing! Read testimonies from people who have gone through the 6 Levels.


3. How Open Air Meetings Work

We use an 8-step process that takes people from knowing nothing to following Jesus. This is our Bible-based approach.


4. Your Chance to Have an Impact

Find out the role you can play in spreading the gospel to all the nations – and to the farthest corners within them. Only then, as Jesus says, will the end come.



Helping the Church to Go, Sow, Grow

We partner with and train local churches around the world to spread the gospel in their region using open air evangelism.

Build up your faith -- see the Gospel plant and grow

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Charitable Not for Profit Status

SOWERS International USA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All gifts are tax deductible.

SOWERS International New Zealand is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005 - Registration CC27980.

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