I was very much encouraged with Sowers team leaders that they were able to answer the questions correctly. The enthusiasm they are showing about soul winning is quite amazing. They rearing to go. They are just wishing this pandemic to come to an end. I was also encouraged with news from Epworth about our Level 3 Sower Pastor Zh*. In spite of the epidemic, he and his team managed to do one on one evangelism using the counselling booklets and four people come to Christ, with three baptized. Edmond

How our late Missionary Christine Sexton has impacted your life, ministry or church?

"Kingdom service is always punctuated with challenges and hardships but the ultimate is to have grace to live a fulfilled life. I saw the fulfilment in Christine each time l watched her serve God in our nation. I saw a dedicated woman who was very committed to her mission. Over the years she demonstrated a motherly love as she dealt with us in seminar meetings. I saw her working as a coworker to her husband in such an admirable way. My wife learnt serving as a team from Christine as she worked side by side with her husband. She indeed made a lasting impression on my ministry as she impacted the lives of many ladies who were at SOWERS' seminars. She fought a good fight, she finished her race, kept the faith. What awaits her is a crown of righteousness." Apostle Lifa C* of Deeper Harvest Ministries International.

"We have lost a dedicated Missionary who was designed to make and put Africa on an equal level with other races as far as the Gospel of our Lord Jesus is concerned. Christine knew her purpose and carried her divine assignment whole heartedly, compassionately. We shall ever continue celebrating her life." Delight B*

A sketch board was pitched in Chivhu shopping centre; “The place had a very few people dispersed around that area. What really touched me was how people from nowhere gathered to see what was going on” said our excited level three Pastor Zh* of Faith Ministries. He narrated further saying “It was like a wind just blew across the place bringing people to hear the word of God. Many souls got saved that day and we found it difficult to disperse the crowd after counselling because curious people kept on coming asking what was going on. “What thrilled me most was a respected prominent businessman of that shopping centre came and heard the word, then went back called his wife to hear the word, and both of them responded to the invitation. After counselling he invited us to his business premises just to [pray] for him and his family; then he offered a place to conducted Sunday services.   Edmond

Three hectares of soyabeans were planted early December 2018. The Project went so well from land preparation, plantation, germination and up to flowering stage. This stage is the most critical point when plants need rain the most. Zimbabwe had a critical shortage of rains since early February 20019 in most parts of the country and most plants were greatly affected nationwide including our Soyabeans.

The government has declared 2019 a drought affected disaster nationwide in 2019. Due to the challenges of the draught which has hit on the nation, we are not expecting maximum yield harvest results. The crops suffered great stress under the scorching sun and endured a long period without realizing a wet spell. However, we might get 25% harvest from part of the field which is in a depression that kept some moisture for a while. 

We greatly appreciate ALL the assistance rendered from SIHQ and we haven't given up hope as yet. We still believe that PROJECTS are the ONLY way to break away from dependence and will do our level best to work hard until a positive result is realized.


A man from Mashonaland East in M* said: I feel like a prodigal son who went away from the presence of the Father and was going through a rough time. I quit serving the Lord and tried to control my own future without God. But the truth is there is completely nothing out there. I learned the hard way that backsliding is too expensive.” These are the words of Pastor F*, the one who once refused to pray the sinner’s prayer at our open air meeting in M*. However, he is now on fire for God, preaching the gospel at M* Shopping Centre to his former drunkard companions. His friends are in total shock, like Zacchaeus' friends seeing Jesus sitting and sharing the same meal with their short friend.  Pastor F* is now leading DHMI Assembly in M*. 


A toothless woman got saved. 

There are certain people that have been written off, treated as outcasts and labelled as black sheep of the society because of their bad character. There is little or no hope for such characters because our communities rarely pardon offenders. This description suits a toothless woman like a glove. She has been in that dilemma for years.  

At a shopping centre Beit Bridge, she sneaked unnoticed into the small crowd which was watching something interesting as a man was drawing on a board using paint and brushes.  

She testified that for the very first time she heard a message of hope and it compelled and convicted her to give her life to Christ. Amazingly she was the only one who responded to the invitation at that open air meeting. 

Asked what had happened to her missing incisors teeth. She explained they got knocked out in a big fight with the wife of her client. She almost overpowered the owner of the husband but mob justice came and rescued the married woman and gave her a thorough beating that is how she lost her teeth and became an outcast. 

Unless the Gospel is preached our societies and communities remain like solitary confinements for the unsaved.  




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