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Establishing a Chicken laying farm of 300 birds as an Income Generating project. We're halfway there, thanks to generous donors. Would you help close the gap?  Donate online USD10,055

What has happened?

Report 3: The Chicken project has been switched over to Broilers from the Layers and has proved the most successful one. The Project has generated quite some profits for the Sowers Program. It was quite thriving until it was stalled by the challenges of shortages of water and electricity. City Council water is out completely. 

The Board agreed to use some realized profit from the Project to purchase special equipment items to make the project self-sustaining: 

  1. We've bought a freezer to store the slaughtered chicken  
  2. We have managed to buy a 1000 ltrs tank of water for the storage of water  
  3. We have managed to dig and construct a water well, 18mtrs deep with plenty of water now. 
  4. We have managed to pay Musa 50USD monthly, for 3months. 
  5. Our plan is for the project to resume end of this month once a device to pump the water from the water well is installed. 


Report 2: The project has been slowed down badly due to water and electricity challenges. Often electricity load shedding goes for 12hrs daily.

We have never had City Council water since January this year. Our water well has dried up due to lower water table levels because of the current prevailing draught. We have had to buy water at 100rtgs per 5cubic ltrs. We are digging another deeper water well. Chicken orders are taking time to materialise because of competition. As soon as our new water well is completed, we will resume on the project. 



Part of the funds were used to finance the Capital Injection Top up difference for the 2nd Batch of Chicken Layers.  Birds were increased to $15 from the initial $12 per bird.

Some funds were used to buy materials to construct another Chicken House for Broilers.

Part of the funds were given to the Sowers Ministry to make up for the May and August TT deficit from the SIHQ

The other part was used to book for 200 broiler chicks and feeds. (We are still awaiting their delivery, possibly this early September) currently the stocks are very tight due to demand.

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