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In order for the Ugandan Field coordinator to have a reliable and good means of communication, he needs to replace the old laptop that is not working as it should. 

Can you help? Donate online USD460


Both Emmanuel and his son Alisaliwe need to return to Zambia from Kenya to get a new passport and National ID. This trip will tie in with the RAs and President Consultation in Lusaka so everything will be accomplished in one trip saving the need for multiple visits. 

Can you help? Donate online USD1760

With Covid preventing much international travel, allowing our key staff to spend time together is important as they grapplie with issues, discuss various situations, pray and spend time together.

Can you help? Donate online USD7645

This project is in partnership with Jerusalem Bible Institute. The plan is to provide maize processing facilities for farmers in the surrounding area. Profits will be used in the support of Sowers in Malawi, reducing the need for international support.

Can you help? Donate online USD5630

Floods destroyed the house of Maj* and his family. They have worked hard and long to rebuild, making and firing bricks themselves. But there is no money for a roof. Could you help?

Can you help? Donate online USD535

Imagine trying to run any organisation without being able to talk with your colleagues. That's the problem Sowers face in DR Congo - vast distances, no post, unaffordable purchase price on local incomes. This project aims to provide 5 cellphones in strategic locations for coordinating SOWERS work in DRC. You may wonder why smartphones? The internet capability provides the needed remote learning opportunities.

Can you help? Donate online USD1150

What a difference you could make. A motorbike accident. No insurance is obtainable. There are complications leading to a referral in another city. P* needs help to travel. And the bike needs fixing for future ministry.

Can you help? Donate online USD255

Pastoral encouragement has rarely been more needed than in these unprecedented Covid-19 times. Additionally, some of our Coordinators who normally provide this pastoral care have other serious long-term illness preventing them from doing it. We hope this project will enable this much-needed pastoral and coordination visitation to proceed.

Can you help? Donate online USD405

Imagine working with 28 different groups across 2 national districts - by bicycle. This project will enable Maj*, a Level 4 Sower, to follow-up his 16 SOWERS teams and 12 Bible Study groups much more easily and effectively as Coordinator for the Lilongwe and Dedza Districts.

All registrations, insurances, repair and maintenances are included in the Malawi National budget. Every quarter the Malawi Finance Committee allocate some funds and reserve for motorbike insurances, repairs, maintenances and etc. We have three motorbikes in Malawi and all are serviced locally using funds allocated and reserved by the finance committee. So this motorbike will be treated the same.

Can you help? Donate online USD2,520


A fire in the storage container destroyed the remaining French, Swahili and Bemba SOWERS materials. This stock serves Emmanuel as he visits and teaches in DRC, RCA, Togo and Côte d'Ivoire. This project is to replace what was lost and increase the stock available for the region.

Can you help? Donate online USD10,545

Kwesi and Evelyn are stranded away from home, halfway around the world, by Covid-19 travel restrictions. They had already travelled homewards from New Zealand through Singapore to Johannesburg when their last sector home was cancelled. Then each country sent them back to the previous one in sequence until New Zealand issued a humanitarian visa until the crisis is past. They have costs to be met for an unknown length of time, New tickets will eventually need to be paid for. Big costs, no income.

Can you help? Donate online USD4025

damaged equipmentYou will have heard of the near civil war that followed the last election. Thank God that no Sowers were among those killed. Equipment and Manuals were looted though, leaving them with nothing to work with. Would you consider providing the seed funding to restart the work?

Donate online USD4980. Perhaps you have a $100? Every bit will help.

This project is to erect a 73m long x 2.4m high wall fence around two sides of the Lusaka SOWERS house in Libala. There will be a 4m x 2.4m gate made of mild steel with an opening of 4m with provision for locking. The house stands on the corner of Sixteenth Street and Kabuyu Road. The house is in a residential part of Lusaka and currently is very exposed and needs a wall fence for security. The majority of houses in the area have wall fences and the SOWERS house is one of only a few in the area with no security. The erection of a wall fence and gate around the property will provide much needed security and it will mean that the current rent on the house will at least double. This will provide security for the tenant and additional funds for the Zambian Board. Part of the house has a hedge which can easily be penetrated but there is no gate so dogs cannot be kept for security. In the past a grass fence has been erected around part of the house but it only provided a little privacy and no real security. In Lusaka most houses and wall fences are made of concrete blocks as the soil does not allow for bricks to be made and burnt. Concrete blocks are strong and long lasting.

Donate online USD5290


Establishing a Chicken laying farm of 300 birds as an Income Generating project. We're halfway there, thanks to generous donors. Would you help close the gap?  Donate online USD10,055

What has happened?

Report 3: The Chicken project has been switched over to Broilers from the Layers and has proved the most successful one. The Project has generated quite some profits for the Sowers Program. It was quite thriving until it was stalled by the challenges of shortages of water and electricity. City Council water is out completely. 

The Board agreed to use some realized profit from the Project to purchase special equipment items to make the project self-sustaining: 

  1. We've bought a freezer to store the slaughtered chicken  
  2. We have managed to buy a 1000 ltrs tank of water for the storage of water  
  3. We have managed to dig and construct a water well, 18mtrs deep with plenty of water now. 
  4. We have managed to pay Musa 50USD monthly, for 3months. 
  5. Our plan is for the project to resume end of this month once a device to pump the water from the water well is installed. 


Report 2: The project has been slowed down badly due to water and electricity challenges. Often electricity load shedding goes for 12hrs daily.

We have never had City Council water since January this year. Our water well has dried up due to lower water table levels because of the current prevailing draught. We have had to buy water at 100rtgs per 5cubic ltrs. We are digging another deeper water well. Chicken orders are taking time to materialise because of competition. As soon as our new water well is completed, we will resume on the project. 



Part of the funds were used to finance the Capital Injection Top up difference for the 2nd Batch of Chicken Layers.  Birds were increased to $15 from the initial $12 per bird.

Some funds were used to buy materials to construct another Chicken House for Broilers.

Part of the funds were given to the Sowers Ministry to make up for the May and August TT deficit from the SIHQ

The other part was used to book for 200 broiler chicks and feeds. (We are still awaiting their delivery, possibly this early September) currently the stocks are very tight due to demand.

Churches are calling for training but not all can pay even the minimal cost. Others are calling us to visit to explain more about our ministry. There is a shortfall of funding. Would you consider even a little support for the ongoing ministry of SOWERS in the Philippines? USD11,400 per year; USD950 per month.  Donate online

Nepali Sowers are determined to work to raise funds for SOWERS ministry. A joint venture chicken farming has been chosen as a start. The joint venture will be 50/50 with the farmer providing the land. Sowers share is to fund a suitable building and supply the chickens. Can you help these Sowers help themselves?

Donate online USD4495

Teaching Level 1
Church training is proceeding apace. The annual visit by SOWERS staff has provided a core group of churches trained in this particularly effective method of outdoor evangelism. Funding of USD350 per month is sought to cover ongoing development.  Donate online

Imagine having to walk down the street to a local vendor every time you needed to send an email or copy a document or do any number of everyday office tasks. What a drain on productivity! What inefficiency! Yet that is what our Philippines National Director has to do. Could you help supply a computer and printer? USD1180.  Donate online

Charged with imparting vision, direction, inspiration and encouragement to Sowers around the world, the President needs to travel. Depending on where the President lives, his/her communication budget may also need boosting.   Donate online. Thanks.

Good governance is a key function in any organisation. SOWERS' Governance Board members need to represent a wide international range of interests. Stringent attention to costs ensures that most of the Board's work is done electronically. It is crucial, though, that the Board periodically meets face-to-face. Donate online. Thanks.

street scene in lubumbashi dr congoStop Press! Right now there is an urgent need for printed materials so that training of church teams can continue. Could you help with one or more of the items? Click on 'read more' below for a list.


Congolese Christians have been trained by Zambian Sowers and are now spearheading the work in Katanga Province of DR Congo. Church planting is proceeding rapidly. Already the work has reached a stage where a couple of senior Sowers need to travel to train, shepherd, and develop other leaders. These experienced men need prayer and some support to replace the 'lost' income from other sources for caring for their families. Would you pray with us? They need USD400 month. If you could give part or full support, please DONATE ONLINE.

Helping the Church to Go, Sow, Grow

We partner with and train local churches around the world to spread the gospel in their region using open air evangelism.

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