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Deo and Everece live in Buhimba, a small trading centre which is 10km south of Hoima, the main town in Western Uganda. They have a farm some 10km south east of Buhimba where they grow many crops, and have animals and poultry.

Deo has a BA in Bible and Theology and is the Pastor of Miracle Life Church at Kakooge, a short distance from Buhimba. The church has grown significantly since they were introduced to the SOWERS Program in 2010.

Deo is a Level 5 Sower and he is coordinating the SOWERS Program in Uganda.

The ministry is developing well in India, to the point where a Sower is needed full time for training. Sukumar is a Level 4 Sower who we are keen to engage and he is keen to join with us. He needs USD385 per month. Could you help? Donate online

The demands for training keep growing. Mateyo works as District Coordinator in Mchinji district helping church teams to conduct open air meetings and follow up the new Christians. He is a Level 4 Sower and trains churches at Level 1 and Level 2. He also organises open air camps reaching more distant places in the District using the sketch board. Could you or your church or small group adopt this work? Donate online

The work in Nepal has grown to such an extent that we need someone part-time to coordinate, train, and advance the work further. USD350 per month. Donate online

Would your volunteer work suffer if you were chasing sufficient income to feed your family? Jesse, our Philippines National Director is in exactly that position. We want him to focus on the ministry without worrying about the needs of his family. Your support would help him do that. USD815 month.  Donate online

Imagine packing up with your family and moving to another country. Imagine transporting everything by a three day bus journey, in the African heat. What would you take? What would you leave behind?

Emmanuel and Udiness and their family are doing just that. They are moving from Zambia to Kenya to train churches. They are relying totally on God, through His people, to supply their needs. USD1700 is needed. Every month. Could you provide a part of that?  Donate online

Godfrey comments that,

  • This event changed my life from being self-centred and reckless
  • I was searching for a method that is simple, sharp, and curious and interesting to people

  • Death to life with the Jesus film
  • Shared passion

Blackson tells the story of the day his life changed...

John writes, "As a young man growing up in Mwense District in the Luapula Valley, I became involved in all sorts of evil things like, smoking, drinking and adultery. My life was a real mess. Later on I became a fisherman and in 1978, I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and the Lord called me to serve Him."

I was born in a family of six children and both my parents seemed to be Christians when they were not. When I grew up I used to have bad manners, like stealing things from our home. I used to go from church to church without knowing my position in the Kingdom of God. In 1980 I attended a Conference where the theme was “light and darkness”. The message touched my heart. I was convicted that I was a sinner and needed to be delivered from the power of darkness. At that time I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Saviour. Since then, I am a committed Christian with many responsibilities in His Church.

Puta writes, "I was born in a Christian family and was involved in Sunday School, Youth Group and Church Services. The problem was even though I was doing these things, my behaviour was not good. One day in 1978, in Kashikishi the village where I lived, I started reading the Bible and I discovered that to be a child of God I needed to accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord - John 1:12. I was touched and kneeled down and prayed for forgiveness. At that point I accepted Jesus as my Saviour and I asked Him into my life. From that time I became a transformed person and I even started doing the work of Evangelism."

Titus writes, "I was a Church goer for many years. My Mum and Dad are both Christians. One Sunday a missionary preached the Gospel of Christ and in his explanation said, "Jesus came to save sinners. Why? Because we are all sinners by birth and come short of the glory of God. Unless one accepts Jesus Christ, he or she will not enter the Kingdom of God". I was convicted that I was a sinner. So I asked the preacher what I needed to do to be saved. He told me to pray a prayer to ask for forgiveness and invite Jesus into my heart. This is what I did and I became a Christian."

Pastor Macheso suffered much for the Gospel during past unrest in Mozambique. Imprisoned, indoctrinated, falsely accused of spying, fined, beaten and used as forced labour, still Ps Macheso kept serving the Lord he loves.

Ps Ibrahim writes that before he became a Christian in 1984, "... I was fond of fighting.  I was not staying well with my friends even at school. One day when I went to the revival meeting a certain pastor was preaching from Romans 5:8 where the Bible says when we were still sinners Christ died for us. And I was touched with these words in my heart and I saw that I was running short of the glory of God, I prayed in my heart asking for forgiveness of my sins and I accepted the Lord to be my Lord and Saviour."

Ps Ibrahim writes that before he became a Christian in 1984, "... I was fond of fighting.  I was not staying well with my friends even at school. One day when I went to the revival meeting a certain pastor was preaching from Romans 5:8 where the Bible says when we were still sinners Christ died for us. And I was touched with these words in my heart and I saw that I was running short of the glory of God, I prayed in my heart asking for forgiveness of my sins and I accepted the Lord to be my Lord and Saviour."

While at Bible school in 1997, Ps Ibrahim was trained at Level 1 and 2 of the SOWERS' Program. "During the open air meeting I was encouraged to preach the gospel in a simple way and I saw many people coming to the Lord. This motivated me to be involved with the SOWERS Program."


Ps Ibrahim teaches seminars at Level 1, 2 and 3 and is preparing candidates for Level 4. He follows up with the trained teams. He supervises the SOWERS' work in Niassa Province where he lives with his wife.

He has the language, the training and the abilities needed for this work. He has the time to the extent that partners can release him from working to feed his family. Would you join us in praying that financial and prayer partners will be found?

Can you help Ps Ibrahim? Donate now.

Edmond became a Christian in 2000 and his life changed forever. He writes, "I have a deep passion and desire to reach out to lost souls, fulfilling the Great Commission. SOWERS has a well packed program to equip, train and provide the necessary skills and accessible equipment to carry the global vision of the Lord Christ of reaching out."

SOWERS Zimbabwe wants to appoint Edmond as National Coordinator. The well known economic difficulties in that country mean the appointment is dependent on outside financial help.

Edmond writes, "My present work is to coordinate SOWERS in Mashonaland Province by equipping committed people, to train, to motivate, to encourage and supervise Level 3, 2, and 1 and to spread the work."

Support for Edmond, including ministry costs, stands at USD900 per month for half-time work. Would you help expand that to USD1340 per month for full-time work as a trainer. Would you pray about being a part of that support?

Donate some or all of the needed support.

Amos assists Malawi's National Director, coordinates the work around Lilongwe, and pastors a church. The work has grown to such an extent that a part-time office assistant is needed for the National Director. USD350 per quarter.  Donate online

A sensitive people group is being reached in Malawi by Patrick, a Malawian missionary. If you would like to support him in prayer or by finance we would be happy to talk with you privately. USD115 / month   Donate online

I lived without Christ until the age of 12 because I was raised in a family that was not only poor but also pagan in which occultic practices and the observations of traditional and cultural practices were the norm. That is how my family got the name “Kakudji” or idol. Today I am very happy that the Lord saved me from the wide road that leads to death (Matt 7:13)

It is thanks to the visit of an evangelist who came to our house the evening of our pagan ceremonies on the 24th December. I heard for the first time in my life the message of love of the Father who sent His Son Jesus Christ who was born, lived and died in my place. This all took place in my birth village of Kabalo on the 24th December 1972

Richard and Noreen and their small son Martin, live in Kakooge, a small farming community in western Uganda. Richard has an advanced certificate in crop and animal management. They are both trained Sowers and attend the Miracle Life Church at Kakooge. They support themselves by farming and by the income from a small shop.

Richard is a Level 5 Sower and an excellent teacher. He is assisting Deo to develop the SOWERS Program in Uganda and to train teams at Level 1 and Level 2 and trainers at Level 3 and Level 4.

Helping the Church to Go, Sow, Grow

We partner with and train local churches around the world to spread the gospel in their region using open air evangelism.

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