Mr Chi* was a Church Elder for many years, attending Church work like a committed member. After being taught in a SOWERS seminar at CW how a person should accept Jesus as his personal Saviour, he realised that Christ was not in his heart. So, during the counselling booklet session he gave his life and invited Jesus to come into his heart. During the last day of the seminar he brought all his family and they also accepted Christ. Now he is a new person and he knows how to lead others to the Lord. Praise the Lord for this family, all are Christians in their house.  John

G Nan* aged 45 years a is woman who spent all her life in brewing beers. Then I visited her and preached the gospel using counseling booklet. She gave her life to the Lord Jesus and now she is a changed person. Benedict

A young lady aged 24 years was troubled a lot in her living with her parents that lead her into prostitution. She found herself married to 3 men, had 3 children, and later divorced. During my visit to her place, she told me a lot of things that she was going through. I led her to Christ using the counseling booklet. She gave her life to her personal Savior Jesus. Now she will do the SOWERS Level 1 seminar so that she can also start helping young ladies with similar experiences as she went through. John

Lu*, a 72-year-old man was living in a terrible life, that lead him to do many evil things, among them was fighting, drinking, smoking and adultery. The time he got married he became a polygamist and married 6 wives and had 15 children, 5 are with the Lord.  He joined the Church, but he did not find Jesus; later he stopped going to the Church. Again, he re-joined another Church where he is still attending now. 

When I went there to teach Sowers Level 1 he attended the seminar. At the time of explaining the counselling booklet to all the participants he gave his life to the Lord!  He stood and told others that he had not believed for many years but today when he heard the message it turned his heart to believe in Jesus and ask Him to forgive all his wrong deeds. God will accept anyone; you can give your life to the Lord anytime. God always is calling everyone to come, now this brother is living a Christian life. He is no longer a slave to all that he was doing in the past. He is a changed person. God be praised for his love he has on his people.  John

Memory C, an 18 year old girl, was entered in Satanism. Being a young girl she found herself in prostution. Drinking as days going on, she was told to kill her mother. Before the actual date she was going to the market and she found a SOWERS open-air meeting was going on and she stops, having in mind to bring confusion. As she was waiting, she stood up to the end of the meeting. She was among the ones who went forward and gave her life to Christ, and she revealed her plans of killing her mother. Now she is a changed person; her life now is God fearing. She encouraged other young girls not to go in the same way she did. God is great. Benedict

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